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SPECIAL SALE! The Gifts of Being AT HOME

During this extra-ordinary time in our world history, many of us are home. All the time. Have you ever eaten at home this much?! Nor have we. Ever.  There are some things I'm really liking about it. Bill is a talented cook, and I've never appreciated him more for this. Meals are an even bigger deal. We are still working quite a bit, but life itself is much more relaxed. I keep remembering that nothing is URGENT.

I'm noticing the gifts of being at home. What are some of yours?

Because we are table linen makers, we'd like to gift you with what we can during this extra-ordinary season of Being At Home.  Please see below and shop or simply click to your heart's content. We are with you. At Home. Around Your Table. Down the Block. We miss you. And thank you for being in our Community. Love, Carole & Bill