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Paper Placemats have simply never looked or felt this good. Now you can set a holiday table that goes all through the house...with all of your friends, family members and in-laws and cousins of neighbors' bosses, sitting around the table in fine fashion.  Or maybe you're catering the big Christmas party this year, or just want to have some casual festive dinner parties with no fuss but want it to be special?  Carole recommends you order them with the Paper Bow-Ties for an extra-creative and festive look ~ and our elves will even tie the bows for you (for now, at least!)  These are printed on satin-finished durable cardstock in Kingston, New York, and are made for (at least) single-use, although they may well last the season if you're not too messy. Call for even better values when ordering for for larger parties, catering and restaurant use! 845.339-4646