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MY FIRST BLOG POST: Passion Made Me Do It, Part I

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I made my first set of placemats and napkins for a friend who asked me to help him decorate his kitchen, because he liked what I had done to mine, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Circa 1989. (I had no idea my kitchen was remarkable, although I had enjoyed painting the wooden knobs on the white cabinets blue, and had sew up some broad striped blue and white curtains to match.)  So we went to the fabric store at Union Square and I asked him to choose a fabric for his napkins. He chose a fabric that HAPPENED to come in three colorways, a term I had learned being an advertising copywriter for Bloomingdale's. I suggested he choose all three, since they worked so well all together. He agreed and I went home to sew up two of each colorway into 6 napkins. (This is a rather long story so I will continue next time. Please stay tuned for Part II.)